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over 2 years ago

You’re Halfway There - Keep Going!

You’re halfway there, Congrats! Check out the below and make sure your submission meets the requirements.

  1. Register, review the quick-start guide and request a Cortex XSOAR instance.
  2. Start planning your submission and submission video.
  3. Make sure the playbook aligns with a category.
  4. Finish your playbook and test, test, test.
  5. Finish your submission form (Don't forget to submit through Github).

We are halfway through the Automation Rising 2020 SOAR Hackathon and are already so impressed by the work and collaboration we are seeing.

It is always awesome to see creativity spark and what great ideas are out in the world, especially during trying times. Through the great work and innovative projects from all of you in the community, we are taking security and process automation to a whole new level.

Keep up the great work!