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over 2 years ago

Three weeks to go! Don’t forget to use the community

There are three weeks remaining in the Automation Rising 2020 SOAR Hackathon. Submissions are due September 29 before 5pm EDT. (Find out what time that is in your city) 

As you continue to build and test your playbook, don’t forget there is a world of resources out there to help you.  If you are stuck, don’t be afraid to use what’s there to help you over the hurdle.  Here are a few places you can look:

  1. Slack Channel: There have been ideas and questions being posted throughout the hackathon.  Your fellow participants are there to help and others may be having the same issues with their project, so don’t be shy! 
  2. Resources Tab: There are plenty of resources at your disposal.  The Cortex XSOAR guides, references, and resources can help you in getting started, debugging and more.
  3. Office Hours: This is your opportunity to engage with the Cortex XSOAR team and other participants to receive help on your submission.  Join the office hours Zoom sessions on Thursdays, from 8-9am PT. Find the link in the To-Do section of the hackathon home page